SAVVY STAFFING SOLUTIONS is committed to innovation and staying on the cutting edge of today's marketplace. HAVING A STELLAR RESUME and working through an interview do not reveal all that there is to know about a prospective candidate. We want to know more. We want to know who they are, what makes them motivated and what critical soft skills they have to make a difference in an organization. We use the latest technology to determine over 1,000 different screening results for applicants.

NO OFFENSE BUT we are way out ahead of you! Searching, it is what we do all day long. Our dedicated team is digging and researching in depth, constantly, to find the best qualified candidates and companies.

WE INVEST IN THE LATEST CUTTING EDGE SOFTWARE to improve productivity, organizational and time saving processes. Data security is also a priority and we take this seriously. Data is stored in a tier IV, SAS 70 Type II compliant datacenter - the highest level of security available. We offer website integration with our software to make your experience as a client or partner fast and easy.

WE ARE A LEADER IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT to some of New England's biggest companies. Our scope is much broader than a temp agency. We provide solutions from entire call centers to single position placements. In seasonal situations or times of growth, you can rely on our solutions to help your company achieve its goals. Crunch time is our specialty! Our candidates and partners know how dedicated we are and this is why we are successful.

FINDING THE RIGHT OFFICE CULTURE is a priority. We help you find your people, an absolutely essential element in your happiness and ultimately, your success. Working with a team of peers that you can become a part of makes all the difference. Finding the perfect work-life balance is what we all strive for and having it makes us more successful. We use innovative software testing to help us determine soft skills and personality genres. This reduces risk for everyone.